03 June 2019

Graduate School Travel Grant

Graduate School Travel Grant

The Graduate Council Budget Advisory Committee oversees distribution of Graduate School Travel Grants for doctoral students. Since applications typically exceed funds, the committee rates applicants on the following criteria:
Graduate Level
  • Although all students are eligible, preference is given to doctoral students who are advanced to candidacy (ABD).
  • Support amount limitations are $1000 per year for graduate students in good standing.
Travel Purpose
  • Travel to conferences where the student's name appears on the program. Applicants must submit a letter from the conference organizers accepting the student's work/proposal, a copy of the conference program or other conference materials containing the student's name as a participant.
  • Travel for dissertation research or professional development. Applicants must include a clear, brief explanation of no more than 250 words, detailing the need for and purposes of travel.
Other Selection Criteria
  • Priority is given to applicants who have not received travel grants the previous two semesters
  • Visibility/significance of conference
  • Departmental support, demonstrated through letters of support and/or additional funding
Other Details
  • Awards will be coordinated as fully as possible with the graduate student conference, travel or research funding support available through the Graduate Student Organization. Students may apply for both. Amounts received will depend on the funds available and the number of applicants.
  • Expenses covered include billed travel or mileage reimbursement, conference registration and lodging. Meals are excluded. Please provide original receipts for all eligible expenses.
  • Travel awards granted before travel and in excess of $500 are subject to tax witholdings. Travel awards processed as a reimburesement are not.
Application and Award Process
Complete and submit the Graduate School Travel Grant Application as a single pdf to gsfin@binghamton.edu. All applications, which must be typed, require clear explanations of the purpose of travel, a detailed budget or expense account and the signature of a graduate director or dissertation adviser, indicating their endorsement of the proposal.
Travel must be within six months (before or after) of application submission. Applications are due by 5 p.m. on the first Friday of July, November or April. Graduate students are eligible to be funded once per academic year.
The Graduate Council Budget Advisory Committee meets three times per year to review applications. Applicants will be notified of the results of their application following that meeting, approximately 30 days after the submission deadline. Grants will be made, if possible, before student travel takes place. Students may apply for expenses related to travel if travel occurred within the time periods specified above and if original receipts are provided.

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