31 August 2015

they must have meant 'the best'

happy first day of fall semester!

13 August 2015

registration started yesterday

Fall 2015 Registration
Fall 2015 registration for all returning graduate students will re-open on Wednesday, August 12. Please encourage all returning graduate students to register for their courses. If your department is responsible for registering students, we ask that you please complete registration as soon as possible. Advanced registration reduces the demands on students during the beginning of the semester and ensures accurate enrollment forecasting and reporting.

get your parking permit

if you need one


Fall colloquium and workshop schedules

more info to come ...


11 SEPT  Jennifer Morton, City College of New York

25 SEPT  Hagop Sarkissian, Baruch College

30 OCT   Patti Lenard, University of Ottawa

  6 NOV  Candice Delmas, Northeastern University

Professional Development Workshops

10 SEPT Preparing for the Academic Job Market

22 OCT Preparing for the Non-Academic Job Market

19 NOV Constructing a Syllabus

11 August 2015

fledgling goldfinch

fledgling goldfinch learned to fly this summer

what did you do?