01 October 2015

in case you're curious

courses go live on Banner on Oct. 23rd.

registration tickets for grad students start on Oct. 30th.

graduate application for degree

Fall 2015 Graduate Application for Degree and Commencement

Do you have a student who will be graduating this Fall? The Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) form is now open. Please encourage students to complete this form as soon as possible, as the deadline to be included in the Commencement program is Friday, October 30. Timely completion of this form also ensures timely completion of degree paperwork. If students also wish to participate in Commencement this December, please encourage them to visit the Commencement website and complete a participation form.

Graduate Student Speaker at Commencement

If you know a summer 2015 or fall 2015 graduate candidate who would be a wonderful speaker at commencement, please encourage them to apply! A completed application will contain at least: a current résumé or CV, a personal statement that includes information about themselves and why they wish to be given the opportunity to address their graduating class, a completed draft of their speech, and one letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Submit all materials to Jessica Davis at jfwillia@binghamton.eduApplications will be accepted until Tuesday, October 27.

30 September 2015


There are only 9 undergrads in my Kant class. But the last person to register was the 37th.

Clearly the way to interpret this is that there is massive demand to read the Critique of Pure Reason, but abhorrence at reading it with me.

24 September 2015

SPEL Colloquium: FRI 25 SEPT

Hagop Sarkissian

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Baruch College

"A Confucian Ethics of Influence: Moving Beyond Actions and Persons"

Friday Sept 25th
UUW 324

19 September 2015

brown bag lunch

Thursday, Sept. 24th
IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)
11:45 - 1:00

topic: "Democratic Equality and Political Authority" by Daniel Viehoff

I think someone is bringing food.