14 September 2014

workshop post-minder

I'm putting this in, even though it's late, for record-keeping purposes.

This is a postreminder about the first workshop for this semester -- on a career in philosophy -- which will take place tomorrow (Sept. 11th) at 11:45 in the IASH room.  All first and second year students as well as job market candidates are required to attend. That said, the seminar should be of interest to all students -- especially those considering going on the market in the next year or two.

10 September 2014

a non-jet equipment type

I hope this doesn't mean that I have to twirl the rubber-band myself.

09 September 2014

Colloquium: Japa Pallikkathayil (Pitt.)

Japa Pallikkathayil

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of Pittsburgh

"Political Justification"

this THURSDAY (sept. 11th)
LN 1106 (IASH Conference Room)

28 August 2014

from the Graduate School

Graduate Student Registration and Confirmation of Enrollment
Please encourage all graduate students to register for fall courses as quickly as possible.  If the department is responsible for registering students, we ask that you complete registration this week or next week, at the latest. This includes registration for students who require continuous registration, pre-dissertation, or dissertation credits. Early registration ensures accurate and timely enrollment reporting. Please remind students to confirm their enrollments via BU Brain by September 5