16 March 2018

the power of SUNY

SUNY is undefeated in this year's NCAA tournament

also: there is no colloquium today. it will be rescheduled, probably.

12 March 2018

more metaphysics

People are saying that Betsy DeVos struggled to answer basic questions about schools in her 60 Minutes interview. But I thought it was really clear that she just doesn't believe in schools or institutions* at all -- she's an ontological individualist. Sometimes it is worthwhile to humor interviewers by using mass terms, but really schools do not exist.**

(*maybe churches, but probably not)

** she's the Secretary of Education, duh, not the "Secretary of Schools."  because there's no such thing.

11 March 2018

strike in the UK

I didn't realize till just now that UK university staff have just started a strike:


this also seems like a good occasion to mention that we don't have a contract:


08 March 2018

No workshop today

The workshop on "Attending Conferences and Presenting Papers" has been rescheduled for April 12th, because of the previous anticipation of future snow that we were supposed to have yesterday.