20 December 2013

interview with Shelly in 3AM Magazine

it's called "Where are the women?"


13 December 2013

philosophy dept. coffee hour

The SPEL-GSO in conjunction with Minorities and Philosophy invites faculty, staff, and graduate students to a Philosophy Department Coffee Hour.

Please join us on Tuesday, December 17, from 1-2 pm in the IASH conference room for some coffee and snacks before winter break.

We know this is a busy time, so feel free to just stop by for a few minutes if you're able.

Hope to see you there!

09 December 2013

brown bag lunch reminder

Our last Brown Bag Lunch of the Fall Semester will take place on Tuesday December 10, from 11:45 to 1:00, in LT 1506 (Comp Lit Conference Room)

Our paper this time is home grown: Christopher Knapp, "Economic Envy," forthcoming in Journal of Applied Philosophy

05 December 2013

philosophical investigations

Merriam-Webster's "most popular" strikes me as rather philosophical:

grade inflation

at Harvard, the median grade is A-, the mode is a straight A.




Nietzsche in pre-code Hollywood part II

more pre-code awesomeness, lifted from the comments (thanks!):

start at about 1:05:30, and then again at 1:21

Maxwell Anderson seems to have embellished Somerset Maugham's story.

see also: are you a philosopher @ 13:25

also: did she open a bottle of bourbon with a corkscrew @15:20?

22 November 2013

brown bag lunch

Our last Brown Bag Lunch of the Fall Semester will take place on Tuesday December 10, from 11:45 to 1:00, in LT 1506 (Comp Lit Conference Room)

Our paper this time is home grown: Christopher Knapp, "Economic Envy," forthcoming in Journal of Applied Philosophy. (Attached)  Sure to be an appropriate lesson for the turbo-consumption of the holiday season.

Frequent tests can enhance college learning

I am not surprised

Grading college students on quizzes given at the beginning of every class, rather than on midterms or a final exam, increases both attendance and overall performance, scientists reported Wednesday.


This is also not surprising:

Most students hated it at first, Dr. Pennebaker said.
“Sam and I usually get really high course evaluations” from the students, he said; “these were the lowest ever.”

11 November 2013

Career advice from Inside Higher Ed


from the Onion

However, are we to take Nietzsche’s statement as a repudiation of the existence of free will outright? Scholars Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick’s analysis seems to conclude that, in Nietszche’s formulation, one’s “will,” defined as a set of drives that act in coordination as a causal agent, do indeed exist as a cause of action, albeit not a sufficient cause of action capable of negating other factors, both internal and external ...

actually from the Onion

(h/t Christina)

08 November 2013

Not SPEL actually

congratulations to John Ludwig for winning an Undergraduate Research Award

05 November 2013

SPEL Colloquium this THU: Joel MacClellan

The last SPEL colloquium of the semester is scheduled for this THURSDAY (7 NOV), at 5:00pm in UUW-324. The speaker is Joel MacClellan, Visiting Assistant Professor, and the title of his talk is “The Moral Problem of Natural Evil.”

30 October 2013

baby news

Brandon Davis-Shannon and his wife recently welcomed a daughter, Sadie Marie.  She joins her older sister Kaida (3 years old).

22 October 2013

mascots for fallacies


Blake likes this one.

Is anyone getting a degree this semester?

If you think that you will be taking a degree this semester, you MUST complete the Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) by November 4, 2013The link is here

Here’s the link for your graduation checklist:  http://www.binghamton.edu/commencement/students/checklist.html
For more information, visit the commencement website:  http://www.binghamton.edu/commencement/index.html

21 October 2013

fyi: the registrar speaks

Monday, October 21
  • Spring 2014 schedule of classes available online.
  • Time tickets for spring 2014 pre-registration viewable online.
Wednesday, October 30
  • Continuing graduate student spring 2014 pre-registration begins at 9 a.m.
    • Registration remains open until the last day of fall 2013 classes.

IASH: Nicole Hassoun on Access to Essential Medicines

meant to post this before the event. posting now for the sake of recording-keeping. it was a good talk!

The next presentation in the IASH Fellows’ Speaker Series will be held on Wednesday October 16, 2013
We hope you are free to attend Access to Essential Medicines: Why We Should Support the Global Health Impact Campaign which will be presented by Nicole Hassoun, Associate Professor (Philosophy).  The talk will be held in the IASH Conference Room (LN 1106), from noon to 1:30
For more information, please visit our website at http://www2.binghamton.edu/iash/

03 October 2013

SPEL Colloquium


Serene Khader, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Stony Brook University (SUNY):

"The Self-Respect/Subordination Paradox: Women and Microcredit"

Thursday October 10, 5:00, UUW 324

02 October 2013

stuff people are up to


Boston University Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy

ASA Annual Meeting

APA Author meets Critics

I find this interesting for no good reason


brown bag lunch reminder

Everyone is invited to this year's first brown-bag lunch discussion group on Thursday, October 3, 11:45-1:00pm in LT 1506 (the Comp Lit conference room).

Food will not be provided by the department, so feel free to pack your aluminum Superman lunchbox, fill your thermos, and bring goodies to trade for dessert because this is going to be a real brown-bag

The article is by Nicholas Vrousalis entitled "Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Social Domination." (Philosophy and Public Affairs 41, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 131-157.) 

27 September 2013

preliminary SPEL courses for Spring

SPEL colloquium

PHIL 570Q SPEL colloquium Hassoun R 11:45–1:05 (Colloquium)

SPEL seminars:

PHIL 505 Contemporary Ethics Tessman R 1:40–4:40 (1st yr seminar)

PHIL 580B Philosophy of Social Science Guay TR 2:50-4:40

PHIL 605E Buddhist Metaphysics Goodman T R 2:50–4:50 (Metaphysics)

PHIL 608J Health Justice Hassoun W 1:40–4:40 (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608L Liberalisms Bar On M 1:40–4:40 (Anglo-American)

PHIL 608? Hegel: The Philosophy of Right Pensky TBA (History, Continental)

PHIL 609C Democratic Theory Reeves T 1:40–4:40 (Anglo-American)

PHIL 621C Aristotle’s Ethics & Politics Preus T R 8:30–9:55 (History)

Graduate courses cross-listed with Philosophy:

PHIL 647E Tumultuous Place, Fate & Belonging Allen M 3:30–6:30

Undergraduate courses that SPEL students may wish to “sit in” on to pass proficiency requirements:

PHIL 202 Descartes, Hume, and Kant Guay T R 1:15–2:40

25 September 2013

SPEL Colloquium

Our first speaker of the academic year will be here this thursday:

Erin Taylor
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Cornell University

"All Together Now: Conventionalism and Everyday Moral Life"

Thursday September 26

5:00 PM

UU 324

 update: (26.9)
Today’s Colloquium will meet in the IASH Conference Room, LN-1106 (not UUW-324).

highlighted philosophers

this month: Lisa Tessman

17 September 2013

Works in progress

The first works in progress workshop will be held Wednesday, September 25 from 1:00-2:15 pm in FA-242. Lunch will be provided.

Our speakers will be Alison Coombs presenting "Moral cultivation and the self in Aristotelian and early Buddhist thought" and Gina Santiago presenting “The Communicability of Knowledge in Aristotle’s Metaphysics.” 

We look forward to, and encourage, both faculty and graduate students to attend. 

Also, please remember that we are seeking abstracts and presentations on a rolling basis, so you may submit something torduford1@binghamton.edu if you like.

transcendetally deduce THIS ...


14 September 2013

brown bag lunch #1, Fall 2013

Everyone is invited to this year's first brown-bag lunch discussion group on Thursday, October 3, 11:45-1:00pm in LT 1506 (the Comp Lit conference room).

Food will not be provided by the department, so feel free to pack your aluminum Superman lunchbox, fill your thermos, and bring goodies to trade for dessert because this is going to be a real brown-bag

The article is by Nicholas Vrousalis entitled "Exploitation, Vulnerability, and Social Domination." (Philosophy and Public Affairs 41, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 131-157.) 

11 September 2013

here is the IASH schedule for anyone who is interested

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities


~Fall 2013 Fellows Presentations~

W 12:00pm-1:30pm

LN 1106

September 11

Adam Laats (School of Education, History) “Democracy” and American Education, 1930-1960

September 18

Matt Applegate (Comparative Literature) Up Against the Wall: Guerrilla Discourse and DIY Media in 1960's Manhattan

September 25

Wendy Wall (History) ‘To Wage the Peace’: The 1965 Immigration Act and the Cold War Politics of Immigration Reform

October 2

Brian Wall (Cinema) What Cinema Isn't: Boredom, Blindness, and the Uncinematic

October 9

Kristine Jennings (Comparative Literature) Narcissistic Sensibilities: The Erotics of an Imagined Self in Eighteenth-Century Novels

of Britain and Germany

October 16

Nicole Hassoun (Philosophy) Human Rights, Global Health, and the Rules of Trade

October 23

Bilge Firat O’Hearn Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University Infrastructure and Regional

Integration around the Bosphorus: Material Futures or Political Dreamscapes?

October 30

Heather DeHaan (History) In the Neighborhood of Empire: Baku Communities in the Interwar Period

November 6

Ilana Ben-Ezra (History, Political Science) The Sixth Crusade: Antichrist, Fredrick II, and Muslims in Western Eschatology

November 13

Barbara Abou El Haj (Art History) Lordship and Commune: A Comparative Study of Building and Decorating in Reims and Amiens

November 20

Layoung Shin (Anthropology) “Performing Like a Star”: Pop Culture and Sexuality among Young Women in Neoliberal South Korea

December 4

Diana Gildea Global Food Crisis, Householding, and Social Reproduction

10 September 2013

SPEL Workshop on THU

"How to Get a Job in Philosophy"

This is a reminder about the first workshop which will take place Thu at 11:45 in the seminar room. All first and second year students as well as job market candidates are required to attend. That said, the seminar should be of interest to all students considering going on the market in the next year or two (and those who just want to know what to look forward to) as it focuses on things you can do to secure a good job in philosophy. 

27 August 2013

belated congratulations

to Danesh Singh, for successfully defending his dissertation:

“Health as an Ethical Category in the thought of Nietzsche and Zhuangzi”

19 August 2013

SPEL Orientation


11:00 am-12:00 pm
New students meet with Professor Hassoun who will provide an overview of the program and answer any questions.
12:00 pm-1:00 pm
All SPEL students (new and continuing) and faculty will meet together.  Lunch will be provided.
1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Students meet with faculty advisors
2:00 pm-5:30 pm
Professor Hassoun will be meeting individually with students by appointment.

all in Library North, Room 1324C

LN 1324C (fka PSPC-C) is in the NE part of the LN complex -- i.e., it's across from (west
of, not opposite the front door of) the Computer Center.  you can get
there by going to the basement level of LN and going east, or you can
go in through the door at ground level.

stupid shit

bulletproof whiteboards

anti-cheating hats

18 August 2013

SAGP draft program is up

Gina, Carlos, Allison, and Tony are on it


15 August 2013

a friend who owes you money

Humanities! Science is not your enemy, it’s a friend who owes you money

mostly about UK context, but
follow link to Crooked Timber

13 August 2013

13-14 Professional Development Workshop Schedule

FALL 2013

12 SEPT Preparing for the Market

17 OCT The Dossier

14 NOV Interviewing

12 DEC Internet Presence


27 FEB Getting Published

27 MAR Course Materials

24 APR Going to Conferences

Fall Colloquium schedule

FALL 2013

26 SEPT Erin Taylor, Cornell University

5:00PM – 7:00PM

10 OCT Serene Khader, SUNY Stony Brook

5:00PM – 7:00PM

7 NOV Joel MacClellan, Binghamton University

5:00PM – 7:00PM

12 August 2013


Students select or reject majors based in large part on the quality of the first college instructor they have in the discipline, new research finds.

Inside Higher Ed

05 August 2013

economic development

let's say that flourishing research universities promote local economic development.

is that because universities serve as incubators for high-tech companies by fostering public-private business partnerships?

or because people spend a lot on universities, universities spend a lot on research, and universities provide educations?

one could spend $323m on tax exemptions for businesses located near universities, and $140m on advertising, and see how that works.

or one could spend on the universities and stuff. (no link)

15 July 2013

conference report

The 30th International Social Philosophy Conference was held at Quinnipiac University in Hamden CT July 11-13. The general theme was "Food".
SPEL students Aaron Bell and Rochelle DuFord presented "The Amoral Status of Humane and Humanitarian Laws"
SPEL alum Saba Fatima presented "Divine Consumption: Sustainability within Halal Food Laws." Saba is currently teaching at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
SPEL alum Sean Donaghue Johnston presented "Another Kind of Prison: Locating Liberty in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle" Sean is currently at Niagara University and Canisius College.
SPEL faculty member A. Preus presented "Aristotle and Theophrastus on Food".
The 31st annual meeting will occur next July in Oregon, with the theme of Racism.

20 June 2013


That is, conducting interviews ...



is actually modestly interesting because of what it says produces useful information.


- structured behavioral interviews, where you have a consistent rubric for how you assess people, rather than having each interviewer just make stuff up.

Behavioral interviewing also works — where you’re not giving someone a hypothetical, but you’re starting with a question like, “Give me an example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem.” The interesting thing about the behavioral interview is that when you ask somebody to speak to their own experience, and you drill into that, you get two kinds of information. One is you get to see how they actually interacted in a real-world situation, and the valuable “meta” information you get about the candidate is a sense of what they consider to be difficult.

- and this: one guy was highly predictive because he only interviewed people for a very specialized area, where he happened to be the world’s leading expert





17 June 2013


found this on Amazon:

He's been dead since 1991. I'm not even sure that's the most relevant counterclaim here.

10 June 2013

"the new student excuse"

Corrupted-Files.com offers a service -- recently noted by several academic bloggers who have expressed concern -- that sells students (for only $3.95, soon to go up to $5.95) intentionally corrupted files. Why buy a corrupted file? Here's what the site says: "Step 1: After purchasing a file, rename the file e.g. Mike_Final-Paper. Step 2: E-mail the file to your professor along with your 'here's my assignment' e-mail. Step 3: It will take your professor several hours if not days to notice your file is 'unfortunately' corrupted. Use the time this website just bought you wisely and finish that paper!!!"

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/06/05/corrupted#ixzz2VpFUG8wy
Inside Higher Ed 

31 May 2013

lecture fluency and learning

kind of interesting:

The researchers asked two groups of students to sit through the same lecture delivered in radically different styles. When asked afterward how much they felt they had learned, those who had experienced the more accomplished performance believed they had learned more than the second group. However, when tested, there was little difference found between them, with those attending the "better" lecture barely outperforming their poorly taught peers.

Inside HigherEd

30 May 2013

teach for america

some links about Teach for America:

Why Minnesota Governor Vetoed Teach for America Funding

Teach for America: Has it Betrayed its Mission to Save Poor, Struggling Schools?
HuffPo (Reuters)

It's Time for Teach for America to Fold

Why Teach for America Can't Recruit in My Classroom

Diane Ravitch blog

oh great

SUNY will join Brown, Stanford in offering free online courses
Press & Sun Bulletin

State Systems Go MOOC
Inside HigherEd

Universities Team with Online Course Provider
NY Times

22 May 2013

kind of interesting

In case you were wondering, ThinkProgress tells "The Inside Story of the Harvard Dissertation that Became Too Racist for Heritage"

also, from Gawker comments, a funny joke I hadn't heard before:

When I was in college, I remember a TA telling us the difference between a Masters and prison is "at least you know when you're getting out of prison".

ha ha, funny TA! But it would be better if it were "Ph.D." and prison.

13 May 2013

Welcome Joel MacClellan

Welcome Prof. Joel MacClellan to our department as Visiting Assistant Professor for the 2013-14 academic year.

Joel earned his PhD in philosophy in 2012 from the University of Tennessee. He specializes in environmental ethics, and is particularly interested in the intersection between environmental ethics and animal ethics; Joel also has research interests in biomedical ethics, the philosophy of biology, and social and political philosophy.

During his year as a visitor at Binghamton Joel will be teaching a range of applied ethics courses including upper-division and graduate courses. I think he will make a great addition to SPEL's concentrations in applied ethics and will be an engaging conversation partner for faculty and grad students.

the SPEL welcoming committee

08 May 2013

the SJSU controversy

here in the Chronicle:


the open letter

Sandel's response

the NYT article: link
which adds the interesting point that the administration arranged to have the course taught by the English dept. after the Philosophy dept. refused to offer it

30 April 2013


you gotta wear the pants

link: here

(side note: he's 6'7" -- the pants exist?)

this is kind of weird

The NYTimes reviews Daniel Dennett sailing?
or just a weird puff piece?

and how is "Freedom Evolves" a "play on" "Freedom Evolves"? Are they saying that Dennett is a continuous self-parody?

is becalming a technical problem?

29 April 2013

first amendment law


my friend won his motion, so Gawker may now continue to publish a 1400 narrative of a Hulk Hogan sex tape.

more than I've done today. (I mean the motion-winning part. Or maybe the sex tape part. Whatever.)

22 April 2013

21 April 2013

Workshop reminder

SPEL Professional Development Workshop

"Dossiers, esp. the Teaching part"

THU 25 APR, 11:45-1:00
LT 1210

mandatory for 1st and 2nd year students; recommended for all others

17 April 2013

I can give up now

or I could work on a remedy for the other existential fears.

link: here
h/t: Kevin

15 April 2013

Brown bag lunch this week

Thursday April 18, 11:45 - 1:00, location TBA.

Article: Seth Lazar, "Necessity in Self-Defense and War" 

brown bags not necessary

10 April 2013

BCC to host bioethics program

article here: link

conference info: link

(Tony Preus is on the program: plenary session, 2:30 Sat 12 Apr)

09 April 2013

moving to front: Colloquium this week

Kok-Chor Tan
University of Pennsylvania

"Injustice and Personal Pursuits"

UUW 324

The NY Times is on it

no shit: Gap Widens for Faculty at Colleges

possibly superfluous and creepy?: Teacher Knows if You've Done the E-Reading

and isn't this the opposite of what we have an-almost built Center of Excellence for?: link
let's hope it doesn't work!
or we can just re-name the center (S3IP), which doesn't really fit the TAE anyway.

07 April 2013

different shoni

also not to be confused with this one

ha ha, ethics

the ethics of being an AD

capabilities approach?

though the best part is "you can't buy $50million worth of visibility." I'm pretty sure you can for $50mil (or maybe $45mil if you can get it on sale.)

05 April 2013

graduate registration is open

Graduate student registration begins today, Friday, April 5. Undergraduate student registration begins at 9 a.m. Monday, April 8. Students have received communication directing them to check their registration start time (or time tickets) on BU BRAIN. Registration start time is based on the number of earned credit hours (in-progress courses are not included). Pre-registration closes at 11:59 p.m. Friday, May 10, the last day of spring 2013 classes.

(slowpokes and incoming students don't register until August, exact date TBD)



04 April 2013

02 April 2013

SPEL Workshop this THU

SPEL Professional Development Workshop
topic: "Writing the Damn Prospectus"

required for 2nd year students; optional (encouraged!) for all others.

LT 1210

26 March 2013

Deany links


when [humanities] cuts are inevitable (NYT)

what's the point of a degree in french? (NPR)


the winning presentation

rate my dean


google books*

* can someone please explain the "faux titre" joke? I mean, I guess "De l'etre en lettres" is a false title since the real title is "De l'etre en lettres: l'autobiographie epistolaire de George Sand, but there's a joke there, right? I don't get it. Also, someone please explain how to use diacritical marks with Blogger.

24 March 2013

for the break

aos: philosophy of chicken

the paper on which it is based is available here

the ppt is available here

16 March 2013

SPEL Colloquium on Thursday

Christine Korsgaard
Harvard University

"On Having a Good"

UUW 324

abstract after the jump

SPEL GSO Works in Progress

The first installment of the the SPEL GSO's Works in Progress series has been scheduled for Wednesday March 20th from 11:45-1:00 PM in LN-1404. 

The speakers will be Aaron Bell and Rochelle DuFord. Each speaker will be given an roughly 35 minutes--to be split into roughly 20 minutes of presentation, and 15 minutes of question and answer/discussion of the project. 

Aristotle and regime change

not sure what the one has to do with the other.

story here:

In the late 1990s, in the thick of the Asian financial crisis, a top Japanese Finance Ministry official turned to his protégé and found him engrossed not in policy documents, but in a chunky volume of the works of Aristotle.

That bookish aide, Haruhiko Kuroda, was approved on Friday to become the next Bank of Japan governor, one of the most thankless jobs in a country plagued for decades with economic problems. He will need more than Aristotelian logic to turn years of the central bank’s policies on their head.

Mr. Kuroda, 68, is tasked with bringing about a regime change at the bank, something he himself, a critic of the bank, has previously called for.

14 March 2013

Authority, Obedience, and the State

Nicole's on Cato Unbound this month:


here's her abstract:

13 March 2013

on MOOCs


update (more links):

half the professoriate will kill the other half for free

digital sharecropping

happy Palindrome day

today is 3-13-13. yay.

Carlos is at IASH today.

maybe a new Pope. I think Scola.

also, I do not understand this goal (link). I think it is self-refuting. (sorry can't embed)

11 March 2013

Carlos at IASH again

Carlos Cortissoz's presentation in the IASH Fellows' speaker series, "Politics of the Soul: Passions, Factions, Akrasia," has been anticipated for this coming Wednesday, March 13.

Departing from Plato's "City-Soul Analogy" Cortissoz will explore a notion of the individual mind as a political structure, that is, as a web of mental states in a political relation with each other and with the collective mental states they are linked to. Cortissoz shows how this understanding sheds light on common problems in moral psychology such as the problem of akrasia or weakness of the will. 12:00pm, IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

Who's assessing the assessors?

this is somewhat brilliant:


06 March 2013

SPEL Colloquium

this FRI (8 March):

John Richardson
New York University

"Nietzsche on the Self"

UUW 324

** note the new start time.

04 March 2013

paradoxes of plagiarism

doesn't someone have to write something original at some point?

Rumors abound in Russia that many top leaders have degrees that they didn't really earn, but some officials are starting to tackle the issue of plagiarism. Time reported that the deputy minister of education and science reviewed 25 dissertations at random from the history department at Moscow Pedagogical State University. With one exception, all were found to be extensively plagiarized, with some having as much as 90 percent of the material copied.

link is here. (Inside Higher Ed)

online learning

everybody does worse.


01 March 2013


Tue 5 Mar
IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

not sure if I'm supposed to publicize details or not

the SUNY anthem

oh my this horrible

26 February 2013

brown bag lunch

The SPEL program's first brownbag article discussion meeting will take place from 11:45 am to 1pm on Thursday, February 28th, in the IASH conference room.  The Philosophy Department will provide lunch (thanks, Max.)  The article to be discussed is
The Objectivity of Ethics and the Unity of Practical Reason
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer
Ethics , Vol. 123, No. 1 (October 2012), pp. 9-31

20 February 2013

SPEL Colloquium tomorrow

SPEL Colloquium

Robert Guay
Binghamton University

Thu 21 Feb
UUW 324

read the paper in advance!

yes, that, but also ..

I think they also know some people with a lot of money.

(from NYT)

16 February 2013

14 February 2013

Dworkin died

here's one obit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2013/feb/14/ronald-dworkin

(not the cover illustration for justice in robes)

08 February 2013

IASH Fellowships

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH).

IASH offers Faculty Fellowships, Graduate Student Fellowships, Undergraduate Student Fellowships, and Visiting Faculty Fellowships. All IASH fellowships are residential. They involve a commitment on the fellow's part to present his or her work in the Fellows' Seminar, which is open to the public. Seminar meetings are weekly, on Wednesdays, noon to 1:30pm in the IASH Conference Room, LN-1106, and fellows are expected to attend it regularly.
Please visit the IASH website for more information http://www2.binghamton.edu/iash/

Application Deadlines

March 8, 2013 ..............
BU Faculty Fellowships
March 29, 2013 .............
BU Graduate Student Fellowships
BU Undergraduate Student Fellowships
Visiting Fellowships

Graduate Student Fellowships

IASH offers two types of of Graduate Students Fellowships to Binghamton University Ph.D. students. Up to two stipended Graduate Student Fellowships a semester fund a competitive merit based Dissertation Fellowship (DF). Students applying for the IASH DF will be ABD, their funding from Binghamton University including the IASH DF will not exceed 10 semesters if entered with BA/BS, or 8 semesters if entered with MA/MS, and expect to be working full time on their dissertations in the semester of the fellowship. Up to two unstipended Graduate Students Fellowships are available to students who are released to full time research by a departmental DF or an external grant.