11 September 2013

here is the IASH schedule for anyone who is interested

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities


~Fall 2013 Fellows Presentations~

W 12:00pm-1:30pm

LN 1106

September 11

Adam Laats (School of Education, History) “Democracy” and American Education, 1930-1960

September 18

Matt Applegate (Comparative Literature) Up Against the Wall: Guerrilla Discourse and DIY Media in 1960's Manhattan

September 25

Wendy Wall (History) ‘To Wage the Peace’: The 1965 Immigration Act and the Cold War Politics of Immigration Reform

October 2

Brian Wall (Cinema) What Cinema Isn't: Boredom, Blindness, and the Uncinematic

October 9

Kristine Jennings (Comparative Literature) Narcissistic Sensibilities: The Erotics of an Imagined Self in Eighteenth-Century Novels

of Britain and Germany

October 16

Nicole Hassoun (Philosophy) Human Rights, Global Health, and the Rules of Trade

October 23

Bilge Firat O’Hearn Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University Infrastructure and Regional

Integration around the Bosphorus: Material Futures or Political Dreamscapes?

October 30

Heather DeHaan (History) In the Neighborhood of Empire: Baku Communities in the Interwar Period

November 6

Ilana Ben-Ezra (History, Political Science) The Sixth Crusade: Antichrist, Fredrick II, and Muslims in Western Eschatology

November 13

Barbara Abou El Haj (Art History) Lordship and Commune: A Comparative Study of Building and Decorating in Reims and Amiens

November 20

Layoung Shin (Anthropology) “Performing Like a Star”: Pop Culture and Sexuality among Young Women in Neoliberal South Korea

December 4

Diana Gildea Global Food Crisis, Householding, and Social Reproduction

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