26 October 2015

Who's went to SAGP this year

Binghamton participants in the 33rd annual meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the

Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science, October 23-25, 2015, at Fordham


Current Graduate Students in SPEL:

Gina Santiago, “Eristic Argumentation and the Limits of Philosophical Discourse in Plato’s Euthydemus”

Nicholas Kreuder, “The Impious and the Philosopher: Impiety Laws in Laws X as a critique of rule by law”

Graduate student in Translation Studies:

Mohammadjafar Shokrollahzadeh, “Contemporary Significance of Farabi’s Views on Language”

Binghamton University Philosophy Ph.D.s:

Shalahudin Kafrawi, now at Hobart and William Smith: Islamic Chair, presented a paper on Islamic Phil

Lewis Trelawny-Cassity, now at Antioch College, “Remarks on Laws 623e, and its Context”

Anne Mamary, now at Monmouth College, “Plato and Mousike: Singing and Dancing the World into


Binghamton Faculty:

Tony Preus, Co-organizer, presented a paper “The Public Face of Philosophy in Magna Graecia: the first

100 years”

Former Philosophy Faculty at Binghamton:

Parviz Morewedge, now at SUNY Old Westbury: Co-organizer; presented paper on Ibn Sina

J. J. Mulhern, now at University of Pennsylvania, “A Note on Professor Heath and Natural Slavery”

SPEL Colloquium: Friday 30 October

Patti Tamara Lenard

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
University of Ottawa

"Democracies and the power to revoke citizenship"

Fri 30 Oct.

20 October 2015

Spring 2016 course offerings

SPEL Colloquium

11988/PHIL 570Q* SPEL Colloquium Hassoun R 11:45 am--1:05 pm

SPEL seminars:

21101/PHIL 505* Contemporary Ethics Tessman M 1:40 pm--4:40 pm LT-1210 (1st Year Seminar)

Cross-listed w/ Undergrad courses:

xxxxx/PHIL 608A War and Terrorism Iser W 1:40 pm--4:40 pm LT-1210

28774/PHIL 622A (29133/PHIL 480K*) Kant's Metaphysics of Morals Zinkin T 5:50 pm--8:50 pm LT-1210 History and Continental

28773/PHIL 650B (16129/PHIL 480W*) Western Marxism Pensky R 1:40 pm--4:40 pm LT-1210 History and Continental

19 October 2015

SPEL workshop

“Preparing for the Non-Academic Job Market”

with Holly Horn, Assistant Director of the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development

the Fleishman Center (UU-133).

This workshop is mandatory for all first-and second-year SPEL students other than terminal MA students unless noted.  Everyone else is welcome to attend if interested.

13 October 2015

regarding the bomb attacks in Turkey

Some students (most from Turkey) are going to have a meeting and a press release on Thursday, October 15th under the Pegasus statue regarding the latest bomb attacks in Ankara. Meeting time is 10.30 am, press release and commemoration will take place at 11.15am.

Following is their announcement:

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE RECENT MASSACRE IN TURKEY? On October 10th, a Peace Rally that brought together many civil society organizations, revolutionary unions, and progressive and democratic parties was the target of a horrendous terror attack killing 124 and wounding hundreds of people. This attack will go down as one of the bloodiest in the history of Turkish Republic. The goal is to turn Turkey into a country where civil war mongers, sectarians and takfiris [those who declare all others as non-believers] have a free hand. Upon losing its ultimate power in the elections held in June 2015, the AKP (the ruling party) government is now cooperating with fundamentalist Islamist organizations including ISIS, Al-Nusra and Ahrar Al-Sham in order to oppress and exclude all oppositional forces fighting for peace and democracy from the Turkish assembly. Already losing its legitimacy in eyes of the public in Turkey, the future of the AKP is now completely dependent on such organizations. Prime Minister Davutoğlu’s declaration following the horrendous incident stated the obvious: “We have the list of suicide bombers but we cannot arrest them until they get into action.” It is extremely important for the international community to take a firmer stance against the state-supported terrorist attacks on the forces of labor, democracy and peace. Hereby, we encourage international community to express its solidarity and extend their condolences directly to the peoples of Turkey, not to the state representatives who are politically and administratively responsible for this massacre. Today is when everywhere is turned into a field of struggle against this wave of attacks! BARISIN VE DEMOKRASININ SESINI YUKSELTME ZAMANI! 10 Ekim'de emek, barış ve demokrasi güçlerinin Ankara'da düzenlediği miting öncesi, Ulus tren garı önünde bombalı saldırılar gerçekleştirilmiştir. Son alınan bilgilere gore, 500 kişi yaralanmış ve 124 kişi hayatını kaybetmiştir. Bombalı saldırı, barış ve halk için demokrasi talep eden ve AKP diktatörlüğünü reddeden kitleleri hedef almıştır. AKP iktidarının “500 yerli ve milli milletvekili” konusundaki ısrarı, bu saldırının arkasındaki gücü açık bir şekilde göstermektedir. 1 Kasım genel seçimlerine yaklaştığımız bu günlerde muhalif unsurları hedef alan AKP destekli saldırıların devam edeceğini öngörmek zor olmasa da, bugün dayanışma ve AKP iktidarının bu politikalarına karşı sesimizi daha da güçlü bir şekilde yükseltme günüdür. Place: Pegasus Statue (in front of Jazzman) Date: 15 October 2015 Meeting time: 10.30 A.M. Press release and commemoration : 11.15 A.M.

06 October 2015

Spring colloquium schedule

titles TBA, I think.


   4 MAR Bonnie Steinbock, University at Albany

   18 MAR Lisa Fuller, University at Albany

   8 APRIL Randall Curren, University of Rochester

   6 MAY Thomas Christiano, University of Arizona

01 October 2015

in case you're curious

courses go live on Banner on Oct. 23rd.

registration tickets for grad students start on Oct. 30th.

graduate application for degree

Fall 2015 Graduate Application for Degree and Commencement

Do you have a student who will be graduating this Fall? The Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) form is now open. Please encourage students to complete this form as soon as possible, as the deadline to be included in the Commencement program is Friday, October 30. Timely completion of this form also ensures timely completion of degree paperwork. If students also wish to participate in Commencement this December, please encourage them to visit the Commencement website and complete a participation form.

Graduate Student Speaker at Commencement

If you know a summer 2015 or fall 2015 graduate candidate who would be a wonderful speaker at commencement, please encourage them to apply! A completed application will contain at least: a current résumé or CV, a personal statement that includes information about themselves and why they wish to be given the opportunity to address their graduating class, a completed draft of their speech, and one letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Submit all materials to Jessica Davis at jfwillia@binghamton.eduApplications will be accepted until Tuesday, October 27.