16 December 2011


Ethics Comp: Mon 30 Jan, 9am-noon, LT 1210

Soc-Pol Comp: Wed 1 Feb, 9am-noon, LT 1210


12 December 2011

the missing 'a' is for boring

how to shift from morally reprehensible to boring (in nonsenseworld),
from the WSJ:

Despite new ownership, a new board and new management, security contractor Xe Services LLC could never shake a troublesome nickname: the company formerly known as Blackwater.
Now, it's the company formerly known as Xe.
On Monday, Virginia-based Xe plans to unveil a new name—Academi—and new logo. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Ted Wright, president and chief executive, said the name change aims to signal a strategy shift by one of the U.S. government's biggest providers of training and security services.
Mr. Wright said Academi will try to be more "boring."

08 December 2011

Colloquium TODAY

Jennifer Uleman

Purchase College (SUNY)

"No King and No Torture: Making Sense of Kant on Suicide"


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