29 December 2017

weird fake Kant quote

20 December 2017

Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching

Congratulations to Jenn Dum and Courtney Miller, who have each won a Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2017-18.


14 December 2017

Need more anti-trust, example

In 2016, Time Warner Cable was acquired by Charter Communications/Spectrum. With this acquisition, organizational changes implemented by Spectrum have had a negative impact on the Telecommunications off-campus internet program. Due to these changes, the Telecommunications off-campus internet program will only be available to those currently enrolled and receiving services. The program will not be offered as a service to new customers. Those interested in establishing a new internet subscription must contact Spectrum directly. For more information, contact the Telecommunications Office.

09 December 2017

Dissertation defense: Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

Toward an Understanding of the Morality of Trauma: World Loss and the Issue of Freedom in Women's Experience of Violence

Monday, December 11th
LT 1210