31 March 2014


meant to put this up earlier, too:

Anja Karnein (biomedical ethics, applied ethics) and Mattias Iser (political philosophy) will join the faculty in the Fall. We're delighted that they've accepted our offer and we are all really looking forward to welcoming them to Binghamton in August.

Heidegger's black notebooks



it started last Thursday, actually.

you should probably get on that.


philosophy professors

... are the representation of incarnate evil in the #5 movie in the country.

Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is a Christian who never thought his faith would get in the way of his higher education. As a result, he is deeply shaken when, on the first day of his Philosophy class, Professor Radisson (Sorbo) begins the semester by demanding that each of his students deny the existence of God in order to earn a passing grade. Although Josh tries his best to graciously refuse, Professor Radisson informs him that in order to continue in the class, the disagreeable student must make an air-tight argument for the defense. Not only that, but the semester will culminate in a debate between teacher and student on the subject. Should the class still remain unconvinced of God's existence, Josh will fail, sending his entire academic future up in flames. Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson have cameos.

rotten tomatoes
film school rejects

* update: apparently, this is a thing, too

27 March 2014

Professional Development Workshop


"Course Materials"

location: LN1106 (IASH Conference Room)
at the normal time

* if you've written a syllabus before, please bring it

17 March 2014

PPL Visiting Scholar and Philosophy of Law conference

this week!

and in case you're wondering, the Keynote is in UUW-324 and the rest is in AB-124

exciting update: Pensky subs in for Dimock

10 March 2014

Blake makes the big time

a link to his paper in the bookforum blog:

here is the link.


here is a conference program on which the paper appears

Blake goes up after Jeff McMahan, before Elaine Scarry, roughly

less, more, whatever


and fwiw:
from 2007: Germany agonizes over brain drain
and from the U.S.
from Africa
from the UK
from Asia

07 March 2014

Colloquium next week

Jamie Kelly
Vassar College

"Official Nullification and Immigration Law"

usual place

This has been rescheduled to the 26th.

Seeking Success Social Events:
Subject Line:  Student Success, Lunch, and Discussions
Event TitleSeeking Success as a Graduate Student at the Harpur School
What strategies most effectively ensure a successful graduate experience at Binghamton University?  This event will address the specific needs of graduate students and offer some advice for negotiating the broad array of opportunities and responsibilities that confront the new recruit to graduate studies.  Dr. Sarah Lam, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, will offer a presentation and lead a discussion about student success, offering planning strategies and advice.  Dr. Susan Strehle, Vice-Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, will join in the discussion.  Enjoy some pizza with your colleagues from the Harpur School and share your ideas for maximizing the graduate experience at Binghamton University.  Please RSVP to Gail Musante at gcos@binghamton.edu
Date:  March 26, 2014   
Time:  12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Place:  UU108--
Gail Musante
Program Coordinator for Graduate Community of Scholars 
LSG 652

06 March 2014

03 March 2014

IASH Fellowships

IASH accepting 2014-2015 Student Fellowship applicationsHide Show
The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) is now accepting applications for its 2014-2015 graduate and undergraduate student fellowships. The deadline for submitting applications is March 28, 2014. For forms and additional information about the fellowships, go online.