29 May 2018

machine translation

damn Informed Delivery

21 May 2018

damn internet


As a result of Charter's acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Cable no longer exists as a separate entity. The University has been notified that, as of July 31, 2018, Binghamton University Telecommunications will no longer be able to provide the billing and service for your now-Spectrum-based internet account as it did under Time Warner Cable.

Customers are encouraged to evaluate internet options in their area. We have been advised that those who wish to continue to use Spectrum for their home internet service will be eligible to receive Spectrum's "new customer" introductory packages. During the week of May 21, a memo will be provided to current Telecommunications Spectrum subscribers that can be presented to the local Spectrum office to facilitate the process of establishing this service and billing directly with Spectrum. In addition, the University will host a Spectrum mobile office on the main campus during the summer to facilitate this transition. As details on this mobile office become available they will be shared with customers. Upon making the payment for your final month of internet service with Telecommunications the transition process will be complete.

07 May 2018

when do grades roll?

just putting this here:

Faculty Grading 
Faculty grading tools, including Discovery Program online mid-term assessments.
*Grading for Spring 2018 is now open.
*Grades for Spring 2018 will be rolled at 4PM on the following days:
Wednesday, May 10th
Monday, May 14th
Thursday, May 17th
Monday, May 21st
and the final grade roll, Wednesday, May 23rd.
*Term GPA’s will be calculated by close of business, Wednesday, May 23rd.
*After the final grade roll, grading will be closed.
*Once grading is closed, grade changes, including submission of missing grades, require a Change of Grade Form,
available in Academic Departments or in Financial Aid and Student Records, Admissions Center, room 112.

03 May 2018

SPEL-adjacent in the media


No one knows why there’s more cases in the Great Lakes states. Cornell’s Laura Goodman works on a project that screens ticks for diseases like Powassan.
She says, climate change could be a factor, because warmer winters extend the lifecycle of ticks. And, she says folks should be on the lookout for more ticks this year.
“Every indication is that we’re going to have lots of tics this summer,” she said. “We’re already seeing them being submitted this year we’ve already had ticks removed off of people and animals this spring.”

01 May 2018

this is a dumb week