27 June 2018

Campus WiFi change

Please see the message below from Logan Robinson, Communications Director regarding WiFi changes on campus.  All questions and calls should be directed to the ITS HelpDesk (7-6420) or the ITS Website:

here was an important message in Dateline surrounding a WiFi change on campus. Please review and run the JoinNow tool and connect to eduroam. If you will not be on campus this summer, make note to reconfigure your wireless devices when you return to campus in the fall. Reminder messaging will also be shared at that time. 

Campus WiFi change - run JoinNow and connect to eduroam

A change is coming to campus WiFi. Information Technology Services (ITS) will be migrating the primary secure WiFi access from the busecure network to the eduroam network. Users should run the JoinNow tool by visiting wireless.binghamton.edu to configure their device for WiFi and connect to eduroam. During the transition, the busecure network will still be available through January.

What is eduroam? - eduroam is the secure, world-wide wireless internet access service developed for the international research and education community. Students, researchers, faculty, and staff can connect to participating institutions wireless networks with their Binghamton University user credentials. A full list of participating institutions is available here.

Why are we doing this? - Connecting to eduroam allows users to connect securely and at Binghamton University and other participating institutions without having to reconfigure their device’s wireless settings.

Visit the ITS website to learn more or contact the Help Desk with questions.
Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions regarding the decision to make this change. 

22 June 2018

changing over internet service

Spectrum mobile office on campus
The University will host a Spectrum mobile office on the main campus from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday, June 25 through Saturday, June 30, to facilitate the transition of off-campus internet services from Binghamton University to Spectrum. The mobile office will be located in the parking lot between the Couper Administration and Fine Arts buildings. Current off-campus internet users through Binghamton University need to transfer their service over to Spectrum prior to July 31, 2018, and contact the Telecommunications office with the transfer date to end Telecommunications-based billing. Customers converting their existing service to Spectrum billing should return their internet modem and power cord to the Spectrum store or the mobile office to exchange it for new equipment. Customers who opt to disconnect their Spectrum service altogether prior to July 31 need to return their modem to the Telecommunications office. Contact the Telecommunications Office for more information.

13 June 2018


will the future be like the past??

12 June 2018

happy loving day

01 June 2018

beware of main drive

Bartle Drive paving
Work to re-pave Bartle Drive, including the main drive, traffic circle and branch east of the traffic circle, has started. The contractor will be milling existing pavement. Incoming and outgoing traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction during milling. Granite curbs will be reset. Paving is expected to take place June 1-5. During paving, it is anticipated that Bartle Drive will be closed completely and other campus entrances/exists should be used. 

Additional summer projects:
Academic Complex Walkway Adjacent to Student Wing: May 23 - June 6
Appalachian Walkway: May 29 - May 31
Old Digman/Old Rafuse Walkways: May 30 - June 18
Walkways below Paid Parking: June 1 - July 16
Visitors Parking: July 5-6
Walkway Adjacent to Bingham: June 4-6
Hinman Service Drives: June 4-7
Lehman Courtyard: June 8 - June 13
Walkway North of Events Center/Bearcat Sports Complex: June 8-12
West Drive from Academic Complex to Engineering Building: July 12-20
Drive to Campus Pre School and ICD Parking Area: June 25-26 
Bearcat Boulevard: June 25 - July 9
Parking Lot F: June 28 - July 3
Visitors Parking: July 5-6

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