29 January 2017

SPEL Workshop

SPEL professional development workshop 


facilitated by Lisa Tessman

Thursday, February 2nd 
Noon –1 pm,
The IASH conference room (LN - 1106.) 

The workshop is mandatory for all first- and second-year SPEL students.  

23 January 2017

SPEL Colloquium: Fri 27 Jan

SPEL Colloquium

Liam Murphy
Herbert Peterfreund Professor of Law and Philosophy
New York University

“Illusory Moral Rules: How Law Misleads us about Morality”


17 January 2017

NFL Philosophy of Law

this seems to be a correct usage of "strict liability":

“I say to him what I say to all our defenders, that it’s as much a part of today’s NFL as blocking and tackling,” Tomlin said. “We work extremely hard to play within the rules because that increases our chances of winning. We work hard at lowering our target. We understand that it’s strict liability on the defender, but we also understand that due to circumstances sometimes that’s just tough. We all have tough aspects of our job and I think that Sean understands that element of safety play in today’s NFL. And I think all of those things happen in a discussion in a quick fashion in stadium, in game”


13 January 2017

getting a degree in May?

Spring 2017 Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD)

The Spring 2017 Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) is available on the Graduation page of the Graduate School website. Completion of this form ensures completion of degree paperwork, and it is also required for graduating students who wish to be recognized in the printed Commencement program. Students are strongly encouraged to apply before Friday, March 24 to be certain that their names will be printed in the program. After Friday, March 24, a student may still apply to graduate, but their name may not be included in the printed Commencement program. Students are also encouraged to take note of all degree requirements in the Graduate School Manual.  

09 January 2017

Mattias at IASH

IASH Fellows Speaker Series for the Spring 2016 Semester begins…
February  1, 2017
IASH Fellows' Speaker Series:
Presented by:  Mattias Iser, (Philosophy)   "Fighting without a Chance. The Challenge of Expressive Violence"  
Abstract: Just war theory claims that defensive violence is only justified if there is a reasonable probability of success. Assuming that the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto did not fulfil this criterion, it would thus have been impermissible. Attempts to avoid this counterintuitive result have referred to different kinds of success, such as deterrence, the broader effort of defeating the Nazis or defending one’s honor. I argue that none of these attempts succeeds because they remain bound to a merely instrumental notion of violence. I finally defend the, albeit problematic, idea of violence that expresses the victim’s agency.
February 1, 2017, 12:00 pm, IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

02 January 2017

No one living who is Derek Parfit


Derek Parfit, emeritus fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University, died last night, according to several sources. He was also Global Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at New York University, and held appointments at Harvard University and Rutgers University.