26 November 2012

HuffPo on the Chronicle beat, sort of

see how Philosophy did/does/whatever

link: here

more advice from the Chronicle

it's more like a memoir, I suppose, but it contains advice indirectly

link: here

20 November 2012

it's about time

for some reason no one's ever picked up on my idea for a Critique of Pure Reason movie musical, but at least someone has finally had the sense to adapt TJ for the stage:


h/t: Blake

06 November 2012

election day

one of the things I remember from introductory linguistics is that native speakers have a wide range of linguistic competencies that haven't been specifically inculcated. for example, studies show that native speakers know the proper location in a phrase -- or even within a word -- to insert "fucking" to be vulgarly appropriate.

and yet can't quite decide if it's "election fucking day" or "fucking election day," although I lean toward the latter. in fact, I almost titled this post "voting day," which is probably eurosocialist or something.

oh well, I'm an idiot, but I still get to vote at Binghamton Fucking Town Hall.