31 January 2018

"Pineal express" podcast

interview with Charles Goodman here:


interview with Eric Dietrich here:


28 January 2018

why I stopped subscribing to the NYT

this tweetstorm sums it up pretty well:

The political context, which Stephen Miller understands, is that the Republicans had almost exhausted the political power of white resentment.
— Tom Scocca (@tomscocca) January 28, 2018

signed by philosophers et al.

We need a feminism for the 99%. That's why women will strike this year

17 January 2018

weird list


We're at #45.

We have the 2nd lowest endowment per student in the top 100 -- Princeton has about 450x more.

Somehow our net cost for middle income students ($17k) is surprisingly high, considering that a "middle income student" from in state would pay zero tuition. I guess those new dorms are fancy.

classes started


10 January 2018

Center for Learning and Teaching events

not on their website yet, but maybe worth attending?

Fri 2 Feb, noon to 1:30:
Scholarly teaching: collecting data to monitor and improve teaching

Mon 12 Feb, 2pm to 3pm:
Creating a rubric for a writing assignment

Fri 9 Mar, noon to 1:30:
Effective group work

Wed 14 mar, noon to 1:30:
Debate across the curriculm

09 January 2018

Like a bacillus