30 June 2016

not really about SPEL


16 June 2016

from the Graduate School -- job opening

Graduate Assistant Position Available for Graduate Community of Scholars

The Graduate School is seeking a program coordinator graduate assistant for the Graduate Community of Scholars (GCOS). The candidate must be a graduate student, preferably course complete and /or ABD status with good organizational skills and the ability to work with graduate students and faculty. The GCOS Program Coordinator will work with the Associate Dean of the Graduate School to organize, advertise and implement professional development workshops, including a week-long dissertation boot camp during the winter semester. Please refer to the Graduate School’s list of job openings for more information.

15 June 2016

summer GAFD

Are you planning to take a degree this summer?  If yes, please complete the Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) form here .  You’ll need to log into the BU Brain to complete the form. 

The deadline for completing this form is Friday, August 12.