31 January 2013

GAFD and you

the Graduate Application for Degree, Spring 2013 is online --
you should do this right now if you think you might be taking a degree at the end of this semester

link is: here

also, don't forget this:

Confirmation of enrollment by Feb. 1
Financial Aid and Student Records asks all faculty and academic departments to remind their students of the Confirmation of Enrollment requirement. If students do not confirm enrollment via BU BRAIN by 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1, they will be dropped from all spring 2013 courses.

30 January 2013


colloquium tomorrow! (Thu 31 Jan)

Job Candidate #1

UUW 324

29 January 2013

happy new semester!

hi everybody, and happy spring (such as it is).

I don't have any Spring-appropriate images, so here is something from the online personnel training compliance system:

22 January 2013

Celebrity photo

here is a picture of Aaron Bell with Benedict Cumberbatch

that is all.

11 January 2013

Spring Comps

I guess I should post some useful information while I'm at it.

Here is the Comp schedule:

Comprehensive Exam in Ethics: Mon, January 28th from 9am-noon

Comprehensive Exam in Social and Political Philosophy: Wed, January 30th, from 9am to noon.

Come to the dept. with a laptop if you're taking 'em.

taking a break now

here is my contribution to the debt-limit crisis

unfortunately, there wasn't enough room to fit "dollars" on it