10 August 2012

regulatory requirements

from the Provost's memo:

Beginning with the Fall 2012 semester, faculty or graduate students teaching General  Education courses  must include  the General  Education  student  learning  outcomes  in their syllabi  for the General Education categories  which their courses meet.

This  is  necessary   for  the   university   to  be  in  compliance   with   regulatory   and   reporting requirements, including Middle States accreditation standards.

here are the learning outcomes for 'H' and 'C' courses:

H requirement - Humanities

Students in H courses will demonstrate an understanding of human experience though the study of literature or philosophy.

C requirement - Composition

Students in C courses will demonstrate

1.     The ability to write effectively and coherently, in ways appropriate to the discipline and the level of the course.
2.     The ability to revise and improve their writing in both form and content.