20 September 2012

aesthetic justification

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19 September 2012

Vestal Hills Elementary

not actually SPEL-related, but worth pointing out that the closest school to BU, Vestal Hills Elementary, is a Blue Ribbon School, and, yes, they have Hot Faced Sandwiches

so suck on that African Rd, Glenwood, Clayton Ave, and the other one.

SPEL colloquium

tomorrow (Thu 20 Sept)

Sarah Kenehan
Marywood University

"In Defense of the Duty to Assist: A Response to Critics on the Viability of a Rawlsian Approach to Climate Change"

UUW 324

cries for help

NYT has a hazing story about our very own campus, here.

And for fairness and balance, here's a story about Geneseo's volleyball team -- link.

18 September 2012

haven't posted in a while

been busy. how about you?

here's something about cheating, written by a philosopher:


here's the Times' "Room for Debate" on student evaluations:


and congrats to everyone who passed their Comps.

and don't forget: first colloquium of the AY on Thursday.

04 September 2012

fair use

did classes start yet?

here is some leftover summer news about Fair Use, from a Federal District Court in Georgia:

"At the same time, however, the judge imposed a strict limit of 10 percent on the volume of a book that may be covered by fair use (a proportion that would cover much, but by no means all, of what was in e-reserves at Georgia State, and probably at many other colleges). And the judge ruled that publishers may have more claims against college and university e-reserves if the publishers offer convenient, reasonably priced systems for getting permission (at a price) to use book excerpts online." 

article here

another article here

02 September 2012

logging back in

welcome (back) everyone

ready for the semester?

... some dates:

4 Sept: Classes begin
5 Sept: Soc-Pol Comp
6 Sept: SPEL Workshop
10 Sept: Ethics Comp
20 Sept: Colloquium: Sarah Kenehan, Marywood University