30 March 2013

APA does something useful?


26 March 2013

Deany links


when [humanities] cuts are inevitable (NYT)

what's the point of a degree in french? (NPR)


the winning presentation

rate my dean


google books*

* can someone please explain the "faux titre" joke? I mean, I guess "De l'etre en lettres" is a false title since the real title is "De l'etre en lettres: l'autobiographie epistolaire de George Sand, but there's a joke there, right? I don't get it. Also, someone please explain how to use diacritical marks with Blogger.

24 March 2013

for the break

aos: philosophy of chicken

the paper on which it is based is available here

the ppt is available here

16 March 2013

SPEL Colloquium on Thursday

Christine Korsgaard
Harvard University

"On Having a Good"

UUW 324

abstract after the jump

SPEL GSO Works in Progress

The first installment of the the SPEL GSO's Works in Progress series has been scheduled for Wednesday March 20th from 11:45-1:00 PM in LN-1404. 

The speakers will be Aaron Bell and Rochelle DuFord. Each speaker will be given an roughly 35 minutes--to be split into roughly 20 minutes of presentation, and 15 minutes of question and answer/discussion of the project. 

Aristotle and regime change

not sure what the one has to do with the other.

story here:

In the late 1990s, in the thick of the Asian financial crisis, a top Japanese Finance Ministry official turned to his protégé and found him engrossed not in policy documents, but in a chunky volume of the works of Aristotle.

That bookish aide, Haruhiko Kuroda, was approved on Friday to become the next Bank of Japan governor, one of the most thankless jobs in a country plagued for decades with economic problems. He will need more than Aristotelian logic to turn years of the central bank’s policies on their head.

Mr. Kuroda, 68, is tasked with bringing about a regime change at the bank, something he himself, a critic of the bank, has previously called for.

14 March 2013

Authority, Obedience, and the State

Nicole's on Cato Unbound this month:


here's her abstract:

11 March 2013

Carlos at IASH again

Carlos Cortissoz's presentation in the IASH Fellows' speaker series, "Politics of the Soul: Passions, Factions, Akrasia," has been anticipated for this coming Wednesday, March 13.

Departing from Plato's "City-Soul Analogy" Cortissoz will explore a notion of the individual mind as a political structure, that is, as a web of mental states in a political relation with each other and with the collective mental states they are linked to. Cortissoz shows how this understanding sheds light on common problems in moral psychology such as the problem of akrasia or weakness of the will. 12:00pm, IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

Who's assessing the assessors?

this is somewhat brilliant:


06 March 2013

SPEL Colloquium

this FRI (8 March):

John Richardson
New York University

"Nietzsche on the Self"

UUW 324

** note the new start time.

04 March 2013

paradoxes of plagiarism

doesn't someone have to write something original at some point?

Rumors abound in Russia that many top leaders have degrees that they didn't really earn, but some officials are starting to tackle the issue of plagiarism. Time reported that the deputy minister of education and science reviewed 25 dissertations at random from the history department at Moscow Pedagogical State University. With one exception, all were found to be extensively plagiarized, with some having as much as 90 percent of the material copied.

link is here. (Inside Higher Ed)

online learning

everybody does worse.


01 March 2013


Tue 5 Mar
IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

not sure if I'm supposed to publicize details or not

the SUNY anthem

oh my this horrible