30 September 2015


There are only 9 undergrads in my Kant class. But the last person to register was the 37th.

Clearly the way to interpret this is that there is massive demand to read the Critique of Pure Reason, but abhorrence at reading it with me.

24 September 2015

SPEL Colloquium: FRI 25 SEPT

Hagop Sarkissian

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Baruch College

"A Confucian Ethics of Influence: Moving Beyond Actions and Persons"

Friday Sept 25th
UUW 324

19 September 2015

brown bag lunch

Thursday, Sept. 24th
IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)
11:45 - 1:00

topic: "Democratic Equality and Political Authority" by Daniel Viehoff

I think someone is bringing food.

dissertation advice

14 September 2015

the natural experiment continues

this is a resumption from this post

So this time, I have two male TA's in my big lecture and this is my guess of the gender breakdown of enrolled students:
64% men, 36% women

(With two female TA's it's been 58/42.)

(I should say: enrollment turns over quite a bit, but not so much this time. Perhaps because classroom seats are so tight all around this semester, the last registrant is about #140 for a 100-seat class. Last time we almost made it to #200.)

12 September 2015

SPEL Colloquium: FRI 11 SEPT

I probably should have posted this *before* the event, but I was looking forward to it too much. Now it goes up for record-keeping purposes.

Jennifer Morton

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
City College/CUNY

"Reasoning Under Scarcity"

Friday, September 11th, 2015
UUW 324

note the new time!

08 September 2015

"How College Sold its Soul to the Market"


Nietzsche, alcoholic beverages

these are just weird

There’s a pertinent Friedrich Nietzsche parable about a ‘madman’ who comes into a town square holding a lighted lantern declaring to the town that he has important news. He tells his story and the people laugh and berate him in disbelief, throwing stones to drive him off. Finally he gives up saying, ‘I have come too soon’’. He drops the lantern, the light goes out, and he departs.
I wondered if my idea of globalization for American Craft too had also come soon.


Amor Fati wine:

news roundup

Brown Bag lunch announcement coming soon, no doubt. Until then, here are some stories.




07 September 2015