27 April 2012

awesome poster

'thou shalt not commit logical fallacies'

in various formats: here

h/t: Anna

awesome minister

Australian minister: 'I don't know what the PM said, but I agree' – video
In an interview on Australian Sky News, the country's employment minister, Bill Shorten, is asked his opinion on the return of Peter Slipper, the speaker of the parliament, after a sexual harassment claim. Shorten admits he does not know what his prime minister said on the issue - but says he supports whatever it was.
link/video: here
the extra awesomeness is that sexual harassment is presumably part of his portfolio as minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

25 April 2012

Outstanding Achievement in the Field of ...

... Teaching.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Charles Goodman, winner of SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching!

24 April 2012

night owls > morning larks

very important research from Psychology Today

"Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks"

submitted by Sean

23 April 2012

possibly useful advice ...

... on getting a job at a community college.

and it's not behind a paywall: here

22 April 2012

ha ha

For a question asking students to discuss why college costs are so high, Mr. Perelman wrote that the No. 1 reason is excessive pay for greedy teaching assistants.
“The average teaching assistant makes six times as much money as college presidents,” he wrote. “In addition, they often receive a plethora of extra benefits such as private jets, vacations in the south seas, starring roles in motion pictures.”
E-Rater gave him a 6.
link: here

16 April 2012

welcome Nicole

Nicole Hassoun, currently assistant professor of philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University, will join the Department for the Fall Semester 2012 as Associate Professor of Philosophy.

Prof. Hassoun's research focuses on global economic justice. Her first book, Globalization and Global Justice: Shrinking Distances, Expanding Obligations has just appeared with Cambridge University Press, and she is the author of numerous articles in applied ethics and political theory. She has also held fellowships in Frankfurt, Salzburg, Helsinki, and Stanford. 

15 April 2012

SPEL colloquim

this THURSDAY (19-Apr)!

Melissa Zinkin
"Kant and the Pleasure of 'Mere Reflection'"

UUW 324

commentator: Tommy Hanauer

*this is a during-the-day, read-the-paper-in-advance meeting

02 April 2012

SPEL colloquium

next SPEL colloquium:

Jay Garfield
Smith College (etc.)

"I am a Brain in a Vat"

TUESDAY (not Thu) April 10th
UUW 324

commenter: Karin Howe

a version of the paper is available: here


April Comps reminder.

Comprehensive Exam in Ethics: Monday, April 9th, 9-12

Comprehensive Exam in Social and Political Philosophy: Wednesday, April 11th, 9-12

another book sale

this time it's Columbia University press, and the occasion is Spring.

50% off all titles with coupon code "SALE"

link: here

h/t: Blake