30 November 2013

Nietzsche in pre-code Hollywood


22 November 2013

brown bag lunch

Our last Brown Bag Lunch of the Fall Semester will take place on Tuesday December 10, from 11:45 to 1:00, in LT 1506 (Comp Lit Conference Room)

Our paper this time is home grown: Christopher Knapp, "Economic Envy," forthcoming in Journal of Applied Philosophy. (Attached)  Sure to be an appropriate lesson for the turbo-consumption of the holiday season.

Frequent tests can enhance college learning

I am not surprised

Grading college students on quizzes given at the beginning of every class, rather than on midterms or a final exam, increases both attendance and overall performance, scientists reported Wednesday.


This is also not surprising:

Most students hated it at first, Dr. Pennebaker said.
“Sam and I usually get really high course evaluations” from the students, he said; “these were the lowest ever.”

11 November 2013

Career advice from Inside Higher Ed


from the Onion

However, are we to take Nietzsche’s statement as a repudiation of the existence of free will outright? Scholars Maudemarie Clark and David Dudrick’s analysis seems to conclude that, in Nietszche’s formulation, one’s “will,” defined as a set of drives that act in coordination as a causal agent, do indeed exist as a cause of action, albeit not a sufficient cause of action capable of negating other factors, both internal and external ...

actually from the Onion

(h/t Christina)

08 November 2013

Not SPEL actually

congratulations to John Ludwig for winning an Undergraduate Research Award

05 November 2013

SPEL Colloquium this THU: Joel MacClellan

The last SPEL colloquium of the semester is scheduled for this THURSDAY (7 NOV), at 5:00pm in UUW-324. The speaker is Joel MacClellan, Visiting Assistant Professor, and the title of his talk is “The Moral Problem of Natural Evil.”