27 February 2012

yeah Fuat!

going to Maryland

24 February 2012


this game is awesome


15 February 2012

animated gif test

testing whether I can post animated gifs
maybe there'll be some Philosophy/SPEL ones someday

Jess Kyle at IASH

February 15, 2012
Jessica Kyle
Graduate Fellow, Philosophy
IASH Fellows’ Speaker Series: “The Ethics of Care and Military Humanitarian Intervention”
Cases of military humanitarian intervention (MHI) suggest that values promoted by an ethic of care at times take center stage in public policy debates, whatever their general political marginalization.  Yet the very appeals to care values used to justify MHI also encourage exceptionalist attitudes toward international law when they hold that the moral urgency of certain humanitarian crises demands unauthorized or otherwise illegal military action.  Kyle considers the extent to which the approaches of two prominent care theorists, Virginia Held and Joan Tronto, can address this issue of legal exceptionalism in name of care.  She argues that both approaches ultimately contribute to what she calls the problem of global worldlessness—the loss or erosion of the relatively recently emergent global space of politics—and she turns to the Arendtian care value of “amor mundi” or care for the world as a potential counterbalance to other care values during policy deliberations.
12:00pm, IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

13 February 2012

unexpected good news?

this doesn't look like a huge deal, but how often are there unexpected good things from NYS ... (or maybe the bad news is that it took so long. pessimism! and cash! just like last post.)

New York State recently released funds for a payment - under the authority of  Article 5.13,   Doctoral Program Recruitment and Retention Enhancement Fund of the Agreement between GSEU and the State of New York - relative to the GSEU contract in place in 2009. The Graduate School identified the graduate students who are eligible for that payment. Those students will receive notification from the Office of Human Resources about that, and they will receive a one-time gross lump sum payment of $217.28 in their payroll check of February 15, 2012.  The amount was determined by dividing the funds released to the University - by the number of eligible students – TAGAs on appointment for spring 2012 and officially “doctoral” status at the time of appointment.

11 February 2012

Colloquium reminder

Tuesday at 11:45 in IASH.

also, Johnny Cash kinda looks like Schopenhauer, amirite?

08 February 2012

Colloquium reminder

tomorrow, THU 9 FEB, 11:45am

in the IASH conference room

who knew?