09 January 2017

Mattias at IASH

IASH Fellows Speaker Series for the Spring 2016 Semester begins…
February  1, 2017
IASH Fellows' Speaker Series:
Presented by:  Mattias Iser, (Philosophy)   "Fighting without a Chance. The Challenge of Expressive Violence"  
Abstract: Just war theory claims that defensive violence is only justified if there is a reasonable probability of success. Assuming that the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto did not fulfil this criterion, it would thus have been impermissible. Attempts to avoid this counterintuitive result have referred to different kinds of success, such as deterrence, the broader effort of defeating the Nazis or defending one’s honor. I argue that none of these attempts succeeds because they remain bound to a merely instrumental notion of violence. I finally defend the, albeit problematic, idea of violence that expresses the victim’s agency.
February 1, 2017, 12:00 pm, IASH Conference Room (LN 1106)

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