07 May 2018

when do grades roll?

just putting this here:

Faculty Grading 
Faculty grading tools, including Discovery Program online mid-term assessments.
*Grading for Spring 2018 is now open.
*Grades for Spring 2018 will be rolled at 4PM on the following days:
Wednesday, May 10th
Monday, May 14th
Thursday, May 17th
Monday, May 21st
and the final grade roll, Wednesday, May 23rd.
*Term GPA’s will be calculated by close of business, Wednesday, May 23rd.
*After the final grade roll, grading will be closed.
*Once grading is closed, grade changes, including submission of missing grades, require a Change of Grade Form,
available in Academic Departments or in Financial Aid and Student Records, Admissions Center, room 112.

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