26 October 2015

Who's went to SAGP this year

Binghamton participants in the 33rd annual meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy with the

Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science, October 23-25, 2015, at Fordham


Current Graduate Students in SPEL:

Gina Santiago, “Eristic Argumentation and the Limits of Philosophical Discourse in Plato’s Euthydemus”

Nicholas Kreuder, “The Impious and the Philosopher: Impiety Laws in Laws X as a critique of rule by law”

Graduate student in Translation Studies:

Mohammadjafar Shokrollahzadeh, “Contemporary Significance of Farabi’s Views on Language”

Binghamton University Philosophy Ph.D.s:

Shalahudin Kafrawi, now at Hobart and William Smith: Islamic Chair, presented a paper on Islamic Phil

Lewis Trelawny-Cassity, now at Antioch College, “Remarks on Laws 623e, and its Context”

Anne Mamary, now at Monmouth College, “Plato and Mousike: Singing and Dancing the World into


Binghamton Faculty:

Tony Preus, Co-organizer, presented a paper “The Public Face of Philosophy in Magna Graecia: the first

100 years”

Former Philosophy Faculty at Binghamton:

Parviz Morewedge, now at SUNY Old Westbury: Co-organizer; presented paper on Ibn Sina

J. J. Mulhern, now at University of Pennsylvania, “A Note on Professor Heath and Natural Slavery”

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