13 February 2018

Spring final exam schedule posted

PHIL105A 0Thu. May 10, 201810:25 AM12:25 PMS1 149Goodman, Charles
PHIL122A 0Mon. May 14, 201808:00 AM10:00 AMEB 110Sechrest, Evan
PHIL14201Mon. May 14, 201803:15 PM05:15 PMS2 260Lethbridge, James
PHIL147A 0Wed. May 16, 201812:50 PM02:50 PMLH 001Zinkin, Melissa
PHIL148A 0Tue. May 15, 201808:05 PM10:05 PMLH 002Karnein, Anja
PHIL20201Fri. May 11, 201808:00 AM10:00 AMLH 014Zinkin, Melissa
PHIL280B01Thu. May 10, 201810:25 AM12:25 PMSW 113Preus, Anthony
PHIL280C01Tue. May 15, 201810:25 AM12:25 PMAM 177Gelderloos, Carl
PHIL31101Thu. May 10, 201808:00 AM10:00 AMSW 206Friedman, Randy
PHIL34201Fri. May 11, 201803:15 PM05:15 PMFA 352Guay, Robert
PHIL345A 0Mon. May 14, 201810:25 AM12:25 PMUU 120Reeves, Anthony
PHIL456B01Wed. May 16, 201803:15 PM05:15 PMSW 113Goodman, Charles
PHIL480P01Wed. May 16, 201803:15 PM05:15 PMTU 219Dietrich, Eric
PHIL49001Tue. May 15, 201805:40 PM07:40 PMFA 248Dietrich, Eric


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