01 February 2018

Chenango Room to close

Whoah -- big news:

Beginning in fall 2018, Panera Bread will join the many options offered by Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) to diners on campus. 

Replacing and expanding the hours of the Chenango Room, Panera will offer its regular breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in the same manner as its restaurants around the country. Patrons will also be able to use mobile ordering and pickup. 

The timeline for closure of the Chenango Room has not been finalized. 

Auxiliary Services and BUDS conducted a survey in the fall semester that led to the decision to add Panera to its offerings. “There was an overwhelming response that people were partial to Panera and that it’s their most frequent off-campus destination,” said James Ruoff, resident district manager for Sodexo. 

“This will give us more options on campus and that’s our goal,” Ruoff said. “It will also offer BUDS’ employees the opportunity to work in a new operation and provide more opportunities for all BUDS employees due to the expanded hours.”

of course, the Chenango Room is terrible, but it's also terrible not to have table service on campus.

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