17 November 2017

Public Humanities Fellowships

ask me about this if you're interested:

2018-2019 Institute for Advanced Studies for the Humanities (IASH) Graduate Student Public Humanities Fellowship
In Partnership with Humanities New York

The Institute for Advanced studies for the Humanities (IASH) and Humanities New York
announce the call for applicants for the 2018-2019 Graduate Student Public Humanities
The Graduate Student Public Humanities Fellowship was developed by Humanities
New York in partnership with nine New York research universities to bring humanities
scholarship into the public realm, encourage emerging humanities scholars to conceive
of their work in relation to the public sphere, develop scholars’ skills for doing public

work, and strengthen the public humanities community in New York State. The year-
long Fellowship will involve a combination of training in the methods and approaches of

the public humanities and work by the Fellow to develop a public project related to their
own scholarship in partnership with a community organization.
The skills and experiences afforded by the Fellowship are intended to serve scholars
who have a record of working with the public as well as those who are starting to
explore the public humanities. It is equally valuable for scholars who plan to pursue
careers within the academy and those who plan to pursue other career paths.

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