02 November 2017

Conference reminder -- on Saturday

Saturday at the Downtown Center ...

9:00AM – 9:30AM Breakfast, Room 224
9:30AM – 10:10AM Ryan Adams: “Dignity and Violence: A Personalist Ethics of Resistance”
10:10AM – 10:50AM Elham Beygi: “Coordination Duty to Disobey the Law in Non-Legitimate States”
10:50AM – 11:05AM Coffee Break, Room 224
11:05AM – 11:45AM Alicja Duda: “A Phenomenological Analysis of Violence and Vulnerability in the El Salvador Civil War”
11:45AM – 12:25PM Wendy Lynne Lee: ” Unsustainable: The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund; Approach to Resistance and Environmental Justice”
12:25PM – 1:05PM Rachael Flores: “William Morris’ Solution to Marxist Aesthetics”
1:05PM – 2:20PM Lunch, Room 224
2:20PM – 3:00PM Stephen Wrenn: “Failure and Generation”
3:00PM – 3:40PM Steven Powers: “Post-Hope: What’s Left For Us?”
3:40PM – 3:55PM Coffee Break, Room 224
4:00PM – 5:30PM Keynote Gabriel Rockhill: “Standing Before the Law: Toward a Theory of Immanent Normativity”


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