31 July 2017

Tobacco is defined as tobacco

Campus becomes tobacco free Tuesday, Aug. 1Hide Show
Binghamton University’s Tobacco-Free Campus Policy becomes effective Tuesday, Aug. 1. The policy encourages an environment that promotes the health, well-being and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on University-owned or rented property by minimizing the effects of secondhand smoke, improving fire safety and encouraging a more sustainable and clean environment.

Tobacco is defined as all tobacco and tobacco-derived products intended for human consumption.

This transition has been in process for several months, and the campus is reminded that there is support for those who wish to stop using tobacco products, including smoking cessation classes, nicotine-replacement therapy and the Healthy Practices Clinic.

More information on Binghamton University’s Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative, including the policy, answers to frequently asked questions and available resources to assist those who wish to quit, visit the web.

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