06 October 2016

News from the Graduate School

Graduate Student Excellence Awards
Each year, the Graduate School recognizes the important contributions of graduate students to the excellence of Binghamton University with several renowned awards, including those for Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Research, and Excellence in Service/Outreach. Nominations are due the first Friday in November. Each program may nominate two graduate students per award per year. More information is available on our website. Please contact Jessica Davis at jfwillia@binghamton.edu with any questions.

Fall Travel Grants Deadlines
Please remind students that applications for the Foundation Travel Grant and Clark Fellowship Travel Grant are due on Friday, November 4. For more information, please visit our  Awards Processes and Deadlines page. For further assistance, please reach out to Jessica Davis at jfwillia@binghamton.edu.

Graduate Application for Degree Due
The recommended deadline for the Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) is Monday, October 31. Timely completion of this form ensures timely completion of degree paperwork.

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