25 August 2016

Confirm ya enrollment

Fall 2016 Registration and Confirmation of Enrollment for Graduate Students
Please encourage all students to register for Fall 2016 courses as soon as possible. All students – including those who require continuous registration, pre-dissertation, or dissertation credits – must be registered for coursework to be considered active and enrolled. If your department staff is responsible for registering students, we ask that you please complete registration as soon as possible. Early registration ensures accurate enrollment forecasting and reporting. Students who are not registered by the end of the second week of classes must complete Request for Late Add/Drop/Withdraw forms and may have fees or charges. 
Please remind all students to confirm enrollment for Fall 2016 courses via BU Brain (http://my.binghamton.edu) by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31. If confirmation of enrollment is not completed by the deadline, all courses will be dropped whether or not the semester bill is paid in full.

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