29 March 2016

NiNE2: Nietzsche in the Northeast 2nd annual

here's the program. come join us!

All events in DC 120
8.45-9.30 coffee and check-in
9.30-10.30 Anthony Jensen, Providence College, “Will to Power and Selfhood”
moderator: Robert Guay
10.40-11.40 Scott Jenkins, University of
Kansas, “Willing Back in Zarahustra’s Speech on Redemption”
moderator: Rebecca Bamford
11.40-11.55 break
11.55-12:55 Lawrence Hatab, Old Dominion University, “Will to Power and Eternal Recurrence”
moderator: Paul Loeb
12.55-1.55 lunch break
2.00-3.00 Paul Katsafanas, Boston University,
“Nietzsche on the Necessity of Higher Values”
moderator: Matthew Meyer
3.10-4.10 Matthew Meyer, University of Scranton, “Nietzsche’s Ontic Realism”
moderator: Peter Groff
4.10-4.25 break
4.25-5.25 Allison Merrick, CSU San Marcos,
“We Need a Critique of Moral Values: Of Effects and Transcendent Evaluative Standpoints”
moderator: John Richardson

All events in DC 120
8.45-9.30 coffee and check-in
9.30-10.30 Daniel Blue, “The Young Nietzsche: Intersections of Biography and Philosophy”
moderator: Anthony Jensen
10.40-11.40 Rebecca Bamford, Quinnipiac University, “Nietzsche and Thought Experiments”
moderator: Allison Merrick
11.40-11.55 break
11.55-12.55 Christa Acampora, Hunter College/CUNY, “Mortal Enemies, Moral Injuries”
moderator: Seulki Kim
12.55-1.55 lunch break
2.00-3.00 Paul S. Loeb, “Nietzsche and the History of Philosophy”
moderator: Jeff Hastings
3.10-4.10 John Richardson, New York University, “Nietzsche Against and For Gods”
moderator: Scott Jenkins
4.10-4.25 break
4.25-5.25 Melanie Shepherd, Misericordia University, “Myth and Affirmation in the Birth of Tragedy
moderator: Jenn Dum

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