11 March 2016

Jake gives a talk

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture (CPIC) presents:

"Decolonizing Critical Theory?" by Jake Bartholomew

March 16, Wed; 5:00-7:00 pm
Room: SW320
It is by now recognized quite easily as a given that Critical Theory has been rightfully accused of Eurocentrism by those outside of Europe. That this characterization has in large part primarily affected those in the global periphery in terms of their reception of it belies a one-sided theoretical dependence of the periphery by the center. Things appear to be changing, however, insofar as there has been an increased recognition of the periphery, of such critiques being important for the possibility of a continuing and future for Critical Theory's continued relevance. This paper analyzes two very recent examples of accounts which recognize the importance of decolonial thought for Critical Theory and its future, both of which call for a decolonization of Critical Theory. In examining these two accounts we ask a question which should precede such attempts - can Critical Theory be decolonized?

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