09 November 2015

Human Migration and Border Symposium

Human Migrations And Borders

A Conversation in the Disciplines Symposium


The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Library North 1106
November 13-14, 2015

Keynote Speakers: Esra Akcan, Architecture, Cornell University
and Jamie Winders, Geography, Syracuse University

Participants: Karen-edis Barzman, Ana Maria Candela,  Alexander Caviedes, Manas K Chatterji, Bradley Walker Hutchison, Gallya Lahav, Ricardo Larémont, Daniel Levy, Shincha Park, Sabina Perrino, James Shuford, Kent F Schull, Jay Newberry, Dael A Norwood, Takashi Nishiyama,
Sevinç Türkkan, Julia Walker, Tiantian Zheng

The symposium is sponsored by the SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines Program and the Binghamton University Citizenship, Rights, and Cultural Belonging Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence

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