09 November 2015

Challenges of Structural Injustice symposium/workshop

“Challenges of Structural Injustice”

Friday, Nov 20
IASH Conference Room (LN-1106)

An event of the Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence Citizenship, Rights, and Cultural Belonging


9:30 - 10:30am Anja Karnein (Binghamton), “The Problem of Structural Injustice”

10:35 - 11:35am Laura Valentini (London), “The Natural Duty of Justice in Non-Ideal
Circumstances: On the Moral Demands of Institution-Building and

11:50am - 12:50pm Lubna Chaudhry (Binghamton), “The Intersection of Direct Violence
with Structural Violence: The Lives and Experiences of Pakistani

2 - 3pm Mara Marin (Frankfurt/Toronto), “What Domination Can and Cannot Do.

3:05 - 4:05pm Mattias Iser (Binghamton), “Structural Misrecognition?”

4:20 - 5:20pm Serena Parekh (Boston), “The Global Refugee Regime as Structural

5:25 - 6:25pm Bat-Ami Bar On (Binghamton), “Are Refugees Surplus Populations?” Gender Oppression and the Limits of the Notion of Domination“

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