28 February 2014

possible future course offerings, Fall '14


SPEL colloquium

PHIL 570Q SPEL colloquium Hassoun R 11:45–1:05 (Colloquium)

SPEL seminars:

PHIL 508 Social and Political Thought Reeves T 5:50–8:50

PHIL 550C Wittgenstein Guay W 1:40-4:40

PHIL 560 Philosophy of Mind Dietrich TR 2:50–4:15

PHIL 580C Testimony and the Holocaust Bar On M 1:40–4:40

PHIL 605A What is Morality? Tessman T 1:40-4:40

PHIL 605B Metaethics Knapp R 1:40–4:40

PHIL 608x TBA (Political) New Hire T 5:50-8:50

Graduate courses cross-listed with Philosophy:

PHIL 630B Evolution and Human Affairs Wilson R 6:00–9:00

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