22 February 2014

guest post from Takumi

two proofs that Mommy likes chores

Mommy does chores.
Mommy does not get paid to do chores.
Either Mommy likes doing chores or someone is making Mommy do chores.
No one makes Mommy do chores.
∴ Mommy likes doing chores.

When Mommy starts doing chores, she is unhappy.
When Mommy finishes doing chores, she is happy.
Something must happen while Mommy is doing chores to make Mommy happy.
The only thing that happens while Mommy is doing chores is that Mommy is doing chores.
Mommy doing chores makes Mommy happy.
∴ Mommy likes doing chores.

[ed. note: this is part of a long-term project to prove that Takumi does not need to do chores.]

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