24 July 2018

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Setting the tone for your class

The tone for the semester is set even before students set foot into your classroom--through the language you include in your syllabus. As you begin to create your syllabi, we recommend that you include the sample statement below, to communicate your commitment to creating a gender-affirming classroom.
Sample Statement
Chosen Names and Personal Pronouns:
Everyone has the right to be addressed by the name and pronouns that correspond to their gender identity, including non-binary pronouns, for example: they/them/theirs, ze/zir/zirs, etc. Rosters do not list gender or pronouns so you may be asked to indicate the pronouns you use so that I don't make assumptions based on your name and/or appearance/self-presentation (you are not obligated to do so). If you use a chosen name, please let me know. Chosen names and pronouns are to be respected at all times in the classroom. Mistakes in addressing one another may happen, so I encourage an environment of openness to correction and learning. I will not however, tolerate repeated comments which disrespect or antagonize students who have indicated pronouns or a chosen name. Chosen name and personal pronouns may evolve over time, so if at any point during the semester you would like to be addressed differently, please let me know.
Faculty who adopt the statement are asked to send a short email to the Q Center at lgbtq@binghamton.edu as they would like to keep an informal count of its adoption.

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