10 November 2016

Critical Theory Round Table 2016

this is at Penn State, but SPEL (and ex-SPEL) will be representing ...

Penn State University,
November 11-13, 2016
Oak Bldg, University Park

Register at this website:

Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Rock Ethics Institute, Department of Philosophy, Department of German

Friday, Nov. 11
Oak Bldg

4:30-6:00 p.m.                      

Keynote Lecture:       “Critique and Disappointment”
Max Pensky, Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University

Chair:                          Amy Allen, Penn State University

6:30-10:00 p.m.        Dinner/reception
                                    405 Arbor Way, State College

Saturday, Nov. 12
Oak Bldg

8:30                            coffee and pastries

9:00-10:30 a.m.         Panel 1:  Critical Theories of Politics
                                    Chair: Eduardo Mendieta, Penn State University

                                    Democracy Against Capitalism,”
Hauke Brunkhorst
Democratic Iterations and Cosmopolitan Boundary Making,”
Svenja Ahlhaus, University of Hamburg/Yale University
Immanent Critique as Self-Transformative Practice,”
                                    Arvi Särkelä, University of Luzern

10:30-10:45 a.m.      coffee break

10:45-12:15 p.m.      Panel 2:  Love, Dignity, and Animality
                                    Chair:  Olivia Rachel Deibler, Penn State University

“Critical Love:  Power, Transformation, and Revolution,”
Federica Gregoratto, University of St. Gallen
“Human Dignity:  A Critical Genealogy,”
Antonio Pele, PUC-Rio
“Adorno and the Normativity of Animality,”
Aaron Bell, Binghamton University

12:15-1:30 p.m.        lunch

1:30-3:00 p.m.           Panel 3:  The Critical Theory of Axel Honneth
                                    Chair: Johanna Meehan, Grinnell College
Paradigms and the Derailment of Critical Theory:  The Critical Liberalism of Axel Honneth,”
Harry Dahms, University of Tennessee
                                    “Pathologies of Freedom: Axel Honneth’s ‘Unofficial’ Theory of
David Schafer, Fordham University
                                    Cold “Mothers”:  A Crucial Gap in Honneth’s Theory of Subjectivity and
                                    Phenomenology of Social Suffering,”
Nicole Yokum, Penn State University
3:00-3:15 p.m.           coffee break

3:15-4:45 p.m.           Panel 4:  Post- and Decolonial Perspectives
                                    Chair:  Alberto Bejarano, Penn State University

                                    The Power of Colonization: Revisiting Foucault on Power,”
Verena Erlenbusch, University of Memphis
“Towards a Decolonial Politics of Time: Constellations in Adorno and Foucault,”
Romy Opperman, Penn State University
“Habermas’s Silence on Silence: A Critique of Universal Pragmatics,”
Emma Velez, Penn State University

4:45-5:00                   break

5:00-6:30 p.m.           Panel 5:  Social Freedom, Capitalism, and Ideology
                                    Chair:  Ben Randolph, Penn State University

“Hegel and Honneth’s Theoretical Deficit: Education, Social Freedom, and the Institutions of Modern Life,”
Jenn Dum and Robert Guay, Binghamton University
“Social Freedom as Ideology,”
Karen Ng, Vanderbilt University
“The Antinomy of Capitalism,”
Timo Jütten, University of Essex

7 p.m.                          dinner (TBA)

Sunday, Nov. 13
Oak Bldg

8:45 a.m.                    Coffee and Pastries

9:15-10:45 a.m.         Panel 6:  Alienation, Materialism, and Immanent Critique
                                    Chair: Khagendra Prasai, Binghamton University

“Governing as Strangers: Rethinking Cosmopolitan Strategies of De-
Melissa Yates, Rutgers University-Camden
                                    “Materialisms, Old and New,”
                                    Steven Vogel, Denison University
“What is Critical About Political Solidarity?”
Rochelle DuFord, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
11:00-12:30 p.m.      Panel 7:  The Politics of Critical Theory
                                    Chair:  Kris Klotz, Penn State University

“The Impossibilities of Political Practice,”
Tobias Albrecht, University of Frankfurt/Yale University
“Does Critical Theory Need a ‘Political Turn?
James Ingram, McMaster University
“Critical and Radical Theory,”
Gabriel Rockhill, Villanova University


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