13 April 2016

SPEL courses for next semester

SPEL Colloquium
PHIL 570Q* SPEL Colloquium Karnein R 11:45 am--1:05 pm

SPEL seminars:
PHIL 508* Social and Political Theory Iser        W 1:40 pm--4:40 pm (1st Year Seminar)
PHIL 605A Work, Well-Being, Justice Knapp R 1:40 pm--4:40 pm TBA
PHIL 650G Adorno                                 Pensky T 1:40 pm--4:40 pm Continental and   Metaphysics & Epistemology
PHIL 650H The Imagination                 Zinkin     W 5:50 pm-8:50 pm Anglo, History,   Continental and Metaphysics & Epistemology

Undergraduate courses that SPEL students may wish to "sit in" on to pass proficiency requirements:
PHIL 201 Plato and Aristotle Tessman TR 10:05 am--11:30 am

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