19 April 2015

The answer is simple

your semi-official SPEL Eurovision preview ...

clearly the winners ...

About Uzari&Maimuna

This year, Belarus sends a duet to the 60th Eurovision Song Contest - Uzari and Maimuna. But how does a pop music composer form a duo with a classically-trained lead violinist? The answer is simple: through their shared love of Lord Of The Rings.
but consider also the translated lyrics of the Finnish entry ...


I'm do it race
I'm do it handscap
I'm do it hostels
I'm do it furging

No coming machine
No it's television
I'm not see you my friend

here are the lyrics of the Israeli entry ...

I'm a golden boy
Come here to enjoy
I'm the king of fun
Let me show you how we do it
I'm a golden boy
Come here to enjoy
And before I leave
Let me show you Tel Aviv

the Spanish video is pretty awesome ...

I'm predicting victory for Latvia, however.

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