23 March 2015

Hey, look -- Fall courses are live on Banner already

some highlights:

SPEL Colloquium
11988/PHIL 570Q* SPEL Colloquium Hassoun R 11:45 am--1:05 pm
SPEL seminars:
10542/PHIL 508* Social and Political Theory Iser W 5:50 pm--8:50 pm
25701/PHIL 605E On Duties Karnein T 1:40 pm--4:40 pm
27599/PHIL 605R Philosophy of Human Rights  Reeves T 5:50 pm--8:50 pm
27387/PHIL 650E Arendt: The Political Condition Bar On M 1:40 pm--4:40 pm
Cross-listed w/ Undergrad courses:
24439/PHIL 540C Kant's First Critique Guay W 1:40 pm--4:40 pm
Graduate courses cross-listed with Philosophy:
Undergraduate courses that SPEL students may wish to "sit in" on to pass proficiency requirements:
17342/PHIL 201 Plato and Aristotle Preus TR 8:30 am--9:55 am

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