13 February 2015

GSEU / Professional Development for Grad Students

Article 30 of the GSEU agreement provides funding for Professional Development Program for the following activities:

The funds cover one activity for the period August 28, 2014 to May 20, 2015
Maximum award $1,000 subject to New York State Comptroller's Rules and Regulations and limitations contained therein:

Maybe be used for:
  • Basic, applied or historical research
  • curriculum or instructional material development
  • conference, workshop, or seminar attendance
  • grant proposal development
  • preparation of material for publication
  • artistic or creative endeavors
  • other work related professional development projects include

Within these general categories of support, allowable expenses include:
  • tuition for specialized course work or internship, at the SUNY rate for the course level, provided the course work or internship are not part of the applications degree program
  • registrations fees for conference, workshop, or seminar attendance
  • travel and related expenses (transportation, lodging, meals, etc., subject to New York State travel policy)

Anyone who was on the 28029 Graduate/Teaching Assistant payroll in Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015 will be able to apply for reimbursement during the month of March for activities during the period of August 28, 2014 through May 20, 2015.
You are being notified ahead of time because in order to qualify for reimbursement,  you must provide ORIGINAL documents/receipts so please begin gathering these documents now.

Please watch for an e-mail from the Graduate School for further details regarding the  program and how to apply.

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