16 November 2014

Honneth workshop

I can't get this formatted right, so here's a picture:

here's some text, too, in case someone needs to search for it.

A Workshop on Axel Honneth's Freedom's Right
Friday, November 21, 2014

location: UUW 325
9.30-10: coffee
10-10.15: welcome by Max
10.15-11.15: Mattias Iser on Freedom's Right Part I: Historical Backgrounds
11.15-12.15: Fred Neuhouser on Freedom's Right Part II: The Possibility of Freedom

location: UUW 324
12.15-1.30: lunch
1.30-2.30: Danielle Petherbridge on Freedom's Right Part III: The 'We' of Interpersonal Relationships
2.30-3.30: Timo J├╝tten on Freedom's Right Part III, 6.2: The 'We' of the Market Economy
3.30-3.45: coffee
3.45-4.45: Christopher Zurn on Freedom's Right Part III, 6.3: The 'We' of Democratic Will Formation
4.45-5.30: closing roundtable discussion

location: Doubletree Hotel
5.30-7.00: reception
7.00-?: dinner

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