17 May 2014

some advice for those interested in teaching at a community college

not sure how useful it is.

from Inside Higher Ed:

First, make sure that any grad student with potential designs on a teaching institution gets experience teaching online. Preferably more than once, and with some sort of mentoring or support.


Second, and you should already be doing this anyway, train your people in ADAA compliance and universal design.  They should know that it’s not just a matter of sending copies of an exam to the testing center for extra time when they get a note from the relevant office.  It’s about consciously designing classes and other learning experiences to be accessible to everyone from the outset.  That means, for instance, ensuring that any textbooks used are accessible even before ordering them.  It means ensuring that any videos you use in class or online are captioned.  It means a host of small details that make a real difference to students, and that make a real difference in job interviews.

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/confessions-community-college-dean/open-letter-graduate-program-directors#ixzz31x83eWyN
Inside Higher Ed 

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