24 October 2012

technical difficulties

a story

when the first attempt was made to send this out, it got rejected by the Notre Dame servers for "content." since their servers don't typically make philosophical criticisms, poor Gary Gutting had to figure out why.

the answer seems to have been that the word "Viagra" appeared in the review -- the mere appearance of this one word in a 3000 word review triggers a major Spam alarm. "Viagra" has since been replaced with the word "aphrodisiac" in an attempt to sneak the review past the servers.

but the servers were apparently wise to this ruse. hence, "technical difficulties"

in the end, the first paragraph or so was sent out with a link to the rest.

moral of the story: when writing for publication in professional venues, don't use the word "Viagra." based on a quick scan of my junk mail folder, I would also recommend that you avoid the following  phrases: "raspberry ketone", "browse Christian singles in your area", "penis enhancement", "cash loans," "University of Phoenix", and "easy mole removal"

likely meta-moral: don't write blog posts with those words, either.

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