25 March 2012

Important information about Dissertation Assistantships

1) The application deadlines for 2013-14 Dissertation Assistantships:

- if you entered SPEL with an M.A. in Philosophy and this is your fourth semester: May 25th, 2012
- if you entered SPEL with a B.A. and Fall '12 is your seventh semester: Feb 1st, 2013

You must of course be ABD to apply. See the Handbook for more details.

2) To be eligible for Dissertation Assistantships in the future, you must have already applied for at least two external fellowships. See details below.


For appointments to dissertation semester/academic year fellowships funded by Binghamton
University (i.e., any source of internal funds) for academic year 2013-14 and beyond:
To receive an internal dissertation fellowship, students must show evidence of having applied for
at least two external fellowships (not funded by Binghamton University), one of which must be
for a year of funding. To count, submissions must be registered with the Office of Scholarship &
Fellowship. It is the responsibility of the graduate program to make sure internal fellowships are
only awarded to eligible students.

It can take as much as a year to identify appropriate fellowships and prepare the application.
Students must start well in advance. Applications must be submitted by the deadline. The Office
of Scholarships & Fellowships can provide assistance in identifying funding sources and advice
about applications. Provided that the students register with that office, the office will also track
who submitted what and when, and so verify individuals’ and graduate programs’ track records.

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