14 November 2011

new JFP came out last week, fwiw

highlight, though you'd really think this one should be online only:

17. CYCORP, AUSTIN, TX. Cycorp has an immediate opening for an Ontologist. The opening is for regular, full-time employment with a private company, and involves no teaching duties. Nonteaching duties: The successful candidate will help us bring human-level AI into existence and into widespread use. You will be extending the world’s largest knowledge based system, Cyc, both in its breadth of general common sense and in its depth in fields ranging from finance to energy to manufacturing to search to medicine to counterterrorism. You will work as part of a team, alongside other ontologists and AI programmers. Through introspection, reading, and discussions with domain experts, you will codify and formalize important, general pieces of knowledge about the world, and you will test the growing AI system’s understanding of what you’ve taught it.

it's nice to see 'introspection' part of a job description.


  1. Curious that they are looking for an "ontologist." Philosopher of mind? Cognitive scientist with philosophical interests? Epistemologist? Nope. An ontologist.

  2. they might be Heideggerian robots.