12 October 2011

seems like good advice

read this online, seemed like good advice for those applying to 'teaching schools' (esp. since it is pretty much the opposite from what goes on w/ research institutions):

"Speaking from my experience, one thing that is extremely important is a good cover letter. (Some of my colleagues will just toss aside an application that doesn't have one.) This should not just discuss your research or talk in very general terms about how much you love teaching; instead, it should explain how these two main elements of your work as a teacher-scholar relate to one another, and - even more importantly, at least in some cases - what makes you a "fit" for the particular institution in question. The more specific you can be on the latter question, the better - though it should go without saying that you shouldn't misrepresent yourself, as this will come back to bite you."

found it here:


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